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Servant Leadership – Your Route to Becoming a Great Manager


I recently had a conversation with someone who hates their job. They hate their boss because it’s one of those my way or the highway type of scenarios – a dictator that leads through fear is the way the culture was described to me. That’s too bad. It’s amazing how many people want to become a manager, executive, or leader, however, have no idea what that means. Being accountable for not...

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report


I’ve been following Mary Meeker’s trend reports the past few years and have been anticipating her 2017 report to come out. These are monster reports, while not the definitive guide, that can help drive some deeper thought into marketing, economics, consumers and business.

Saying No to Stay Focused


Putting together a strategy is challenging. However, staying focused and executing well on that strategy is much more difficult and often times where failure happens.
If you want to scale and grow your business, the best thing you can do as a leader is to focus your company and teams on only three ( an absolute maximum of five ) big initiatives for the year.

Bold – Performance Based Consulting


For decades, consulting firms have been providing strategic guidance for their clients for decades, largely working within framework that the industry began in – charging clients an hourly or daily rate to have access to the firm’s expertise. This model leads consulting firms to 1) hire lots of people, the best if possible, and 2) sell, sell, sell. The more people working on a project, the...

Justin Knechtel