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dad, board member, advisor, cmo, outdoorsman. 

Justin Knechtel
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Sunny and Overcast is where I share my thinking on Marketing, Business, Personal Development and Inspiration I come across.

Launched in December 2016, I was inspired by my oldest son to think more about my life and the time I share with my family, as well as my responsibility to give back to the field that’s given so much to me.

I’ve had a lot of mentors and have made a lot of great friendships and connections throughout my life and career. I love Marketing, its progression as a science ( and art ) and the opportunities ahead. But what I don’t love is the work obsession we have in America, and the false mentality of more time working equals more success.

I hope that with some of the life and business lessons I’ve learnt over the past 15+ years working and leading in this industry, I can provide some sort of positive guidance and direction to those starting out, and potentially some self reflection for those that have been in the trenches for as long as I have.

The Path to Today

I started my marketing career in 2000 working with one of the leading commercial and residential security companies in Colorado, then co-founded a luxury auto detailing business as well as launched a successful student fundraising program, which I sold, that still runs today.

In 2009 I started a marketing and advertising cooperative in Seattle that I exited in early 2014 after eventually providing services to over 500 clients across 4 countries.

We moved our family from Seattle to the Chicago suburbs in mid 2014, where I started working with a small startup called Swap.com. We were doing less than $4k/day in sales when I started, and 2 years later we were the world’s largest online consignment marketplace.

From Swap, I moved over to Factor 75, a prepared meal startup focused on performance and sustainable nutrition. I came in and stabilize their marketing and positioned the company for the growth they’re on right now.

I then jumped over to MedPro, the country’s largest private provider of medical waste and pharmaceutical disposal for the healthcare industry in the US, as their Chief Marketing Officer for a little over a year, where we launched two more businesses internally and managed the marketing for a couple Fortune 500 partners of ours.

I consult for startups under Bold, where I tie my compensation directly to the revenue my strategies directly provide for my customers. Bold is focused in SaaS, Health & Nutrition, E-commerce, professional services, and outdoor rec.

Some of the other companies I’ve worked with or consulted for include brands like Expedia, Amazon, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Iron Mountain, WeWork, Impact Hub, NBC Universal, DNA, Publicis, Swap, eBay and more..

I am always interested in board and advisory roles for startups and youth focused non-profits. Connect with me via LinkedIn


Current Projects

The Marketing Sprint
This is part of Bold’s offerings, and is an affordable solution for small businesses or growing startups to get a professional and truly actionable annual marketing and growth strategy in under two weeks.

RVs and Towables
A side project that connects RVers with dealers, service centers, campgrounds and vendors across the US. Keeps me connected with the outdoors digitally.

Devil's Lake - Wisconsin
Devil’s Lake – Wisconsin

1996 Fat BoyWhen I’m not working, I’m outside.

A Pacific Northwest Transplant to the Midwest, the weekends are devoted to finding the best hiking and camping spots throughout Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois either with my two boys or on my Fat Boy.

I am always interested in board and advisory roles as well as consulting engagements for startups and growing brands. Connect with me via LinkedIn.