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My 3 Favorite Google Analytics Shortcuts


When you spend as much time in Google Analytics as I do, seemingly minor improvements in efficiency shave off a lot of time throughout a week, month, and year in that system. Every minute saved building reports and analyzing data in Google Analytics earns you an additional minute interpreting your results for improvement. You may know some of these tips already, but in my experience even those...

The Customer is Always Right


You hear the phrase all the time – ”the customer is always right.” It’s everywhere, everyone knows it and every customer expects you to understand it. Every business I’ve been involved in from my aunt’s security company, my uncle’s dental practice, my dad volunteering his carpentry to my own agency, to what we do at, I have believed that you build your business based on providing...

Email Marketing for 2016


I hate email. Plain and simple. I’m notorious for not checking or replying to email daily. In fact, I now only work in my inbox for about an hour per week, and people just sort of have to deal with it. But then there is Email Marketing, which I love.

Go Digital or Go Home


If your agency is still experimenting with digital and has yet to commit itself to a full digital firm, you may as well put that exit strategy into motion now or transform your company into one that matters. The era of running a traditional web development, production studios or marketing firm is ending. The digital economy is in a state of continual upward trends and consumers demand more from...

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