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Servant Leadership – Your Route to Becoming a Great Manager


I recently had a conversation with someone who hates their job. They hate their boss because it’s one of those my way or the highway type of scenarios – a dictator that leads through fear is the way the culture was described to me. That’s too bad. It’s amazing how many people want to become a manager, executive, or leader, however, have no idea what that means. Being accountable for not...

5 Motivational Books You Can Read This Week


We’re all pressed for time. We have families, jobs, after-school activities ( unless you’re still in college – which I envy you… ), and shit like dry-cleaning to pick up. I can wake up some days at 4am and know I am going to crush it at work and in life all day. Other days, I wake up at 8:00 and don’t even know how to hit the toilet or make it down the stairs. It happens to all of us...

Book Review: Essentialism


The first book I completed this year is Greg McKeown’s essentialism, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. Of the 750 plus reviews on Amazon, more than 70% of them are 5-star reviews, and for good reason.
This book is so good that I’ve bought several copies to give away as gifts to some friends, co-workers and family so they could all read it.

My Morning Routine


It’s easy to lose control of the day if you don’t start in full control. I’ve been pursuing a perfect morning routine for a while, and I finally have a schedule that’s proven to set me up for the most productive day.

Justin Knechtel