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ProtonVPN Secures The Internet


I’ve been a ProtonMail user since inception. I’m not a security specialist, but I do work in marketing and understand how public our individual information is, and that bothers me on a personal level. When I stumbled across ProtonMail, an email service that was described as a sophisticated encryption stem to deter spies, I had to had it.

Introducing Screen Tokens


Jude absolutely loves Minecraft. He loves watching YouTube videos of other gamers building and exploring world as much as he loves building his own worlds for he and I to play together in. I like the imagination and creativity the game inspires out of him. However, the struggle with balancing a healthy amount of screen time and his emotions when his time is expires is tough. So we’ve implemented...

Reading in 2016


From about 2001 – 2010 or so, I was reading about three books per month on average. My appetite was voracious and I’d read anything from graphic novels to classical literature as well as the gamut of business and finance reads you’d find in airport booksellers. I was proud of the library that I’d built – well over a couple thousand books (I’d tend to buy more than I had time to read)...

Justin Knechtel