It’s Time for a BOLD Idea

As you may know, I’ve been living in the Chicagoland area for a few years now, working as the CMO for a few great companies. We accomplished some amazing things, but on the personal level, none of it was very fulfilling.
I’ve been noodling on the idea of a true Pay for Performance marketing agency for years and have talked about the idea with some of my collegues and other CMOs, only to come to the same conclusion – the industry needs it.
Well, I’m happy to announce that I’m taking the plunge! I’ve started BOLD, a true performance driven agency for startups, entrepreneurs and growing brands.
I started my career on the agency side, then shifted to the brand ( dark ) side, and now I’m excited to be back where I belong. I think real brands and real business owners that are trying to make an impact aren’t looking for cute puppies or craft beer selections as their determining factor for hiring an agency, but that’s what this side has come to. BOLD will get back to the roots of creativity and making an impact.
My vision for BOLD is one where the true hustlers and visionaries can come, roll up their sleeves and get dirty with us to create something that’s truly meaningful and makes an impact in the market. Don’t just hire your agency – bring them in as a partner.
No Gimmicks. No Games. No Bullshit. Just hardworking people creating something wonderful.
There are a lot of people ( very smart, well respected friends of mine ) that have told me this won’t work. They could be right. There’s also an equal amount that think this is genius. I’m on their side. Regardless – we’re going forward and I’m happy to share the experience along the way if it helps to create a better client / agency relationship & industry.
What Makes It So Bold?
  • A true pay for performance agency ( only paid when we succeed )
  • No contracts, month-to-month marketing services
  • Affordable, transparent and flat-fee pricing
  • Experienced & proven startup & business veterans
  • We’re in it together, taking on equal risk & reward
Obviously, as I launch, we’re looking for customers to get this off the ground. I’ve a few now, but if you or a group you know could be a BOLD fit, please reply and let me know – we have 3 services to start from.
If you’d like to partner and be a part of this, then let me know as well.
I welcome and appreciate any feedback you have for BOLD and the ideas. Thanks, as always, for the support and candor.