My Morning Routine


It’s easy to lose control of the day if you don’t start in full control. I’ve been pursuing a perfect morning routine for a while, and I finally have a schedule that’s proven to set me up for the most productive day.

My Morning Routine

While what works for me may not work for you, there’s not an ideal morning routine that works for everyone. Here is my fairly simple and straight forward recommendations from my own morning routine to help you to create your own plan for a productive and successful day.

Start Your Morning Early

Starting early is a must, and I start my day at 4:30. To fit everything that I want to accomplish in my routine means I have to be up early.

I always prepare the coffee pot the previous night before bed, and I never use the auto brew feature. Instead, I prefer to walk my groggy ass into the kitchen and hit the button. I’ve accomplished one thing already in my first 30 seconds of being awake, and it sort of feels good!

I then grab a glass of water and sit down with my journal.

Wake Your Mind

Our coffee pot takes about 10 minutes to finish brewing a full pot. I take this time to read over last night’s accomplishments before I write the handful of things I’m feeling grateful for this morning in my journal.

I’ve been doing this since the start of the year and the results have been unexpectedly positive. Taking a moment of reflection and focusing on yourself con be quite empowering before your day begins, and this is a simple 10 minute investment that pays itself back in many ways.

Read Something Worthwhile

I pour a cup of coffee and spend the next 20 minutes reading. Until recently, I would read on the computer and just catch up on news, weather, interesting articles, etc. Now I read a book from my Morning Reads list.

Reading on the computer seemed to cause me more harm than good as I could easily be distracted by useless noise or tempted to open up something work related and just blindly dive in. I’d end up just being busy and doing nothing productive, so I stay away from my computer for the first hour of my day now.

Fuel Yourself

I’m simply not motivated enough or in the mood to prepare anything right when I wake up. I know many people get up and start making something for breakfast, but that’s hard to do at 4:30 in the morning.

However, around 5:00 or 5:15 it’s much easier and I’m awake and alert by now. My breakfast of choice for the past couple of months or so has been simple avocado on toast, and lately, with a handful of raspberries and a protein shake.

The avocado and shake fill me up and raspberries are just delicious in the morning.

Refresh and Rejuvenate

The house is still asleep and the boys and Stasha typically wake up around 7am. So around 5:30 I’ll get in the shower and just get ready for the day.

I typically have my clothes ready the night before sitting in the bathroom so that I don’t go in and out of our room and wake up Stasha.

I wash my face twice, brush my teeth, and finish another cup of coffee somewhere in the mix of this. The shower is also when I actually think about the day and the things I need to accomplish over the next 10 hours or so.

Play Catch Up

My company’s leadership is split between the US and Finland, so we always have a significant time difference between us. It’s also a good chance that someone on the team is traveling and in a third timezone.

I have a pretty well organized email system, so the volume I receive really isn’t that big of a deal. In the mornings, I focus only on team and internal emails and don’t even bother with anything in my general inbox until later in the day.

It usually takes me about 45 minutes to go through, respond, and resolve any emails that came in while I was sleeping and while our team in Finland was awake. They have an eight hour head start to the day, so I typically have a full day’s worth of requests and action before the sun even comes up!

End With Family Time

At about 6:50 I shut down and save whatever I couldn’t accomplish in the morning for later when I’m at the office. Around now the rest of the house starts to wake up, so I’ll head down to the kitchen and brew another pot of coffee (I’ve finished the first one by now) for Stasha and start getting breakfast ready for the boys.

I drop Jude at school at 8:00 and am usually in the office around 8:30 or so. It’s a pretty productive schedule I’ve got for myself, and actually sets me up well for the day.

Establish Your Routine

A regular morning routine helps with your time management, productivity, mood and organization, & establishing an effective routine will have a positive impact on your day. I recommend trying to find some constants that you can implement and follow through with to fuel your own personal success.


  • Justin, thanks for your post. I came across the link on my LinkedIn feed. I do a very similar routine in the early mornings and it has really setup my days/weeks/months for success. You really don’t realize it until you are about 6-8 months in but you are multiplying your productivity over and over again. The key is the habit of the routine. Thanks for the reinforcement. I am at 5:45 now, need to begin creeping to your 4:30! Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks Ronnie, I’m glad you found something in it! You’re right about the 6-8 month point as these benefits just compound even more over time. As for the 4:30 wakeup, it took a bit to get there. I just started getting up earlier and earlier by 15 minutes or so over the course of a couple months, and now it’s just natural.