ProtonVPN Secures The Internet


I’ve been a ProtonMail user since inception. I’m not a security specialist, but I do work in marketing and understand how public our individual information is, and that bothers me on a personal level. When I stumbled across ProtonMail, an email service that was described as a sophisticated encryption stem to deter spies, I had to had it.

I’m not a spy, nor do I think I know any spies ( would be badass if I do.. ), but I do like that I can send and receive email that only I can read. No government, no agency, no other individual.

Granted, I’ve not much to hide, but it’s comforting to know that no one can read my hosting invoices and my daily CMO report – which I recommend. However, it does make me feel good to know my data and communication is secure.

Recently, the guys behind ProtonMail have released the ProtonVPN, a free VPN service available to anyone in the world. I’ve just signed up for their Plus plan and can’t wait to see this platform take off like their mail service did.

Justin Knechtel