The Bulletin – Issue 1

April 15, 2018

Welcome to my first issue! Every week I come across articles I find to be pretty damned useful, interesting or inspiring.

I’m starting an every few weeks(ish) email, The Bulletin, so that I can share what I find in hopes that some of it inspires you or just simply provides for a good read! If you hate it, go ahead and opt-out anytime.

I hope you enjoy it.


The Cost of Quality

A great article from Intercom’s Geoffrey Keating on the pricing economics of perfection and the point of diminishing returns for product quality. This one hits home with me as I launch BOLD and a new marketing m that it will for many entrepreneurs. At what point do we accept something is simply good enough and stop striving for perfection?

Building Bee Health with Fairmont Hotels

When I think of innovative brands and those that truly think outside of their industry, very few hotels come to mind. However, Fairmont Hotels has over 40 apiaries across their hotels around the world! The Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver even has a Bee Butler and staff to tend to the bees and provide tours.

How Warby Parker Truly Invests in its Employees

I’ve admired Warby Parker since they started more than 8 years ago. I remember their yellow school bus in Seattle that was essentially a mobile shop as they bootstrapped their way across the US – it was awesome! If you want to find out how to not scale out of caring for your employees, take a lesson from Warby Parker.

As I grow BOLD and take on new challenges, I’ll keep coming back to this  for inspiration. A great brand with a great vision for change.

200+ Million Eggs Recalled for Salmonella

I mean, C’mon. This came out just today, and when I first started reading it I was really interested in how 200 million eggs can be tainted, like where did they all come from?

Apparently, it’s a single farm that produces 2.3 million eggs from 3 million hens per day! That disgusts me – it’s simply impossible to have that many hens living in healthy environment producing that many eggs.

I can’t wait for the spring farmer’s market to start up again so I can get my local eggs again!

Facebook, Privacy, and a Senate Hearing Flop

Everyone’s talking about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate hearing. What’s it really mean? I’ve been interested in this because of my love-hate relationship with Facebook. I have an account because I’m in marketing, and well, you can’t simply avoid being where consumers are. But I also like catching up with friends.

I’m torn because the data you get with FB from a marketing and advertising perspective is awesome, yet at the same time, I wish the control were greater. Ben Thompson has a great writeup on the entire topic.

Tobacco Free Florida

I love advertising. I love the history of it, I love the creative behind it, and I love the science that powers it. I can spend an entire Sunday watching Adverts – dissecting them, analyzing the agency behind them, and when one really moves me, I dig into everything about it. It’s an addiction.

Tobacco Free Florida, working with Alma, one of the best agencies out there, have produced a really great campaign around empathy for smokers vs the typical health fears that I think is an incredible message with their Quit Your Way creative.

I love the idea of amplifying smokers the way they do and building empathy around their desire to quit. A very cool state program.

Performance Based Marketing

So BOLD has actually been running for quite some time, I’ve just not been too involved in it. This week, I took more of an active role in BOLD and am excited to see if a true Pay-for-Performance marketing partner for startups, entrepreneurs and growing businesses can work.

I sent an invite to my LinkedIn network, which includes previous clients, colleagues, and a mix of people I’ve been fortunate enough to meet through the years working in marketing, really unsure how people would respond.

It turns out, we may be on the right path. There are nearly 30 people that responded interested in making deposits for working with BOLD, which is exactly 30 more than I thought would be interested!

While BOLD won’t disclose any clients it works with, I am going to publish everything BOLD does to grow this agency, including all the tools, forms, resources, structure and strategy.

My hope is that the project can help improve the agency / client relationship and make a tiny impact in my industry.


  • BOLD – Time to grow this ( freelancers wanted )
  • Conversation & Craft – Launching in May. Similar to the Beans and Brainstorms I ran in Seattle, this is a monthly get together in a craft beer or coffee joint in the greater Chicagoland area with a single speaker covering marketing and business.Events will be free to attend and hosted Friday mornings before the work hour.