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Why Hire Me?

I've spent the last several years in Director, VP & C-Level roles with various companies, all with 7-figure annual marketing budgets. Before that, I owned ( and exited ) my own marketing agency, serving global clients as well as small family run businesses.

I currently work full-time directing digital marketing for the world’s largest healthcare management firm in chiropractic.

While I’m happy with my current position, I have a deep passion for working with smaller businesses that want to grow, but don’t necessarily have the expertise or resources I bring. If we’re a mutual fit for each other, I’m happy to work with you on short-term projects ( 1 – 6 months ).

If you’re looking for larger level work or longer-term projects ( 6mo+ ), you should see my agency instead.

Three reasons you should reach out and see if we’re a fit.

01. Experience All Around

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone as experienced, passionate, or enthusiastic as I am when it comes to digital marketing, business development and strategy. Cutting my teeth on the agency side, then moving into the brand work, and making a mark in a complicated B2B industry, I’ve literally seen and managed it all.

02. You Can Afford Me

Because this is a side passion of mine, I charge a lot less than what you would be paying if it were my income stream. To hire me full-time would cost you in excess of $20k per month. The projects I accept here are never going to run more than $5k/mo, & I have many that are under $1k/mo.

Every project is always Month-to-Month

03. It’s A Partnership

Hiring me is like having a dedicated team member & sounding board on your side. I only accept projects where not only I believe I can make a significant impact, but I feel strong alignment with the team & brand purpose.

Industries I Prefer

I am always interested in working with brands that have big ideas but aren’t quite sure where to go or what to do next with their marketing. Because these projects are side gigs for me, I typically accept opportunities in areas I’m passionate about and very good in.

Startups & Agencies

I love working with both early stage startups ( $5mm – $10mm in funding ) and growing marketing agencies ( about 30 – 50 employees ). This is sort of the make or break time to prove out their businesses, and typically they’re just missing that experienced, C-level guidance in both marketing and business strategy and execution.

Children's, Men's, & Women's Clothing

I have a handful of clients that are in the clothing and apparel industry. Some of them sell online, some sell only in store and have products ranging from from $10,000 bespoke suits, to baby and toddler clothing and accessories, custom handmade jewelry, or well curated American brands. Most of my clients in this space that have an e-commerce store typically use Shopify and sell via Google Shopping ( PLA ) or with a Facebook Product Ads.

Meal Delivery, Supplements, Weight Management, & Nutrition Products

The industry that started it all for me was nutrition, and healthy living is where I'm most passionate. Clients range from global brands to soloprepreneurs changing lives through their products, courses, and summits. Selling in this industry can be challenging because Google has a heavy hand in regulating what you can and can't say, making this one of the most exciting challenges for marketing.

B2B, B2B, & Non-Profit Services

With over 15 years of experience in both the B2B and B2C space, this is where many of my clients are concentrated. I tend to focus on high-growth niches that have yet to be developed, in areas such as medical marijuana, RV sales & service, specialized healthcare products & services, food & box subscription services, and more.

In Another Industry?

I’m not an expert in all industries. There are some areas I’m simply not interested in or that don’t align with my personal values or ethics. There are also a few areas that are off limits due to non-competes ( Chiropractic, Medical Waste, Pool Supplies, Pet Subscription) that I have in place.

However, if I can’t help you or we’re not a fit, there is a very good chance that I know someone qualified that can help you. So just reach out, I’d love to hear about your business.

I’m happy to discuss exclusivity and non-compete work and have these agreements in place for many clients. Connect with me via LinkedIn to schedule a 30-minute call.

I’m not a fit for every business or entrepreneur. However, I require a deposit to ensure that you’re committed to taking the next step and aren’t just kicking tires. If you’re ready to take your business and your marketing serious, secure my time by making your deposit below.

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  • All of my consulting work is strictly confidential
  • General Marketing Deposit – $500
  • My Marketing Sprint Deposit – $1k

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